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In Uncategorized on October 15, 2011 at 2:24 pm

There will be no “why. oh why. oh why”.

There will be no name calling.

There will be just the facts.

During the last couple of months I have spent (or promised to spend) around $1700 on technical devices.

I got some shiny things, a couple of boxes and not much else.

Sure, these wonders of the age can allow me to listen to limited overs cricket in Esperanto, read the latest on the rennet shortage in northern Estonia and even make the odd phone call.

But it’s a stagger through and call for help process.

The idea of an “instruction manual” seems beyond the KPIs of the IT community.

The question is a simple one: why is this so?

If my new kettle can come with an EIGHT page guide which included some blurb on plugs, why are these items of our brave new world left to fend for themselves ?

At least the iPhone is intuitive – sorta kinda- but Huwcyn Peredur AKA the PC is a never ending story of  events where screens go blue, websites disappear and this blog’s author tends to get a little vexed.

So am I a complete idiot OR are we being short changed ?

And DON’T tell me about online guides and such like.

A book is a technology just like a web page and in some cases it’s a bloody good one.

IT needs some TI.

And yes, I have bought “Windows 7 for completely hopeless jokes who can hardly tie their shoe laces & should be on some kind of special scheme”.

And don’t start me about the pre-purchase conversations I had before parting with the dosh.

Every one had an opinion, precious few actually knew much that was of any assistance. 

Finally, a joke involving various digital and analogue platforms.




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