The Full “Leather Egg” Catastrophe – 15th October 2011

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Hosted & posted by Andy Bell

At one time I was, amongst other things, a sports broadcaster.

Strange, but true.

I did soccer, cricket, athletics and rugby union.

In fact when it came to soccer I was known as “the outrageous voice of football”.  It was something to do with my cultural references!

I was covering Wales & rugby union when the citadel of Welsh supremacy started the crumble, but it was still great fun in an era when the game was not a “brand” or a “business”, but a sport.

And dressing sheds are not the homo-erotic Shangri-Las that many think they are.

Tonight’s show went to air only minutes after the Rugby World Cup Semi Final between Wales and France.  A tense night, with my heart with my boys at Eden Park as well as you lovely Catastrophe-ettes.


Laura – Scissor Sisters

Sunny – Twinset

Shine – Duck Musique

One of my better Sunday afternoon choices of 2011.  These guys are très bon.

That’s When The Music Takes Me – Neil Sedaka

Sweet Georgia Brown – Combo Fiasco

I Remember You – Frank Ifield

This is one of the first “hits” I can remember. I was three at the time. It was Number One in the UK for seven weeks in 1962.  Ifield is an Anglo-Australian – born n the English Midlands in Coventry and brought up in Dural NSW.

C’est Si Bon – Eartha Kitt

C’est Si Bon – Stan Freberg

This compare & contrast is probably the most extreme yet.  Eartha is … Eartha.  And Stan is just silly. Imagine such a thing on TFC.

Uptown Top Ranking – Althia & Donna

Huon Pine – Viktor Zappner Trio

Born in Czechoslovakia & a tower of influence in Tasmania’s jazz scene.

The Voice In My Heart – Eydie Gormé

Fingals Cave – Mànran

Romance At Garma – Yothu Yindi

Jarrow Song – Alan Price

A song reflecting on the Depression and its impact on the North East of England town of Jarrow.  They wouldn’t just sit & take the privations of a collapsing economy, they  marched on London. It was a gesture which brought nothing, but it has never been forgotten.

Popular Song – Richard Baker

From Façade an early example of  blending two artistic forms – poetry and music.  The words came from Edith Sitwell and the music from William Walton.   Façade appeared in 1922 and was performed behind a curtain with a hole in the mouth of a painted face and the words were recited through the hole with the aid of a Sengerphone AKA loud hailer.  Quoth Wikipedia: “The public received the first performance with bemusement.”

And here’s Edith

Life Is – Herschel Bernardi

Dumb Things – Paul Kelly

The Lost Song – Cat Empire

Down Below – Jimmy Little

Lava Lover – Mika

A Kiwi queer icon.


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