The joy of an awayday

In Uncategorized on October 19, 2011 at 12:25 pm

Travel broadens the mind, train travel elevates the soul.

Well, that’s what I reckon.

Ever since I was plonked on a bridge crossing a railway line near Blackpool at a very tender age and, a few seconds later, was agreeably surprised by the somewhat explosive arrival of a steam train (yes, I am that old) I have been a trainophile.

In parts of this country it’s VERY difficult to maintain a passionate affair with the permanent way. 

Not so, here in Victoria where we still have an effective and extensive regional rail network.

My latest fling with it came in the company of Tim in the very attractive environs of Bendigo.

The trip was smooth, the streetscape pleasing to the eye and the lunchtime parma was of the highest order.

On top of it all, was the sense of departure and arrival.

In between that there were green paddocks to see, expanding towns to wonder about & the occasional hilarious overheard conversation.

Loved it and I should do more.


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