Necessary lip movements (upward)

In Uncategorized on November 21, 2011 at 3:49 pm

I was considering one of my few and far between serious  blogs after a couple of toughish weeks.

But I have desisted.

Need to get my serious side marshalled, not just avaliable.

Therefore, it’s time to flick the switch to vaudeville and offer up some suggestions to enable my dear Catastrophe-ettes to smile even more than usuaul.

Hence the lip movement title.

Now my blogarific program isn’t quite happening as I type – so I’ll include URLs as well as some snaps.

The result should be the same, you just have to click in a different way !

Okies, let’s start with one of our GLBT anthems – Over the rainbow, but in another language.

Here is the wonderful Ryan Davies, who died at 40 before becoming as well-known and beloved as he was in his native Wales. 


Some toe-tappingness of the highest quality is next.  The extraordinary Nicholas Brothers wowed even Fred Astaire.


Surrealism.  It’s been around a bit and in the most unlikely places.  This clip was a popular routine on the variety stage and it is wonderfully weird.


Norwegian banjos.  Of course, they are. Takk takk tusen takk (see above)


Which leads us somewhat inevitably to …



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