Reading the lines

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OK, this blog doesn’t get political.

However – love that word – however, it sometimes presents a couple of things and asks its readers to ponder.

It’s a bit like ringing the front door bell & running away, but in a more intellectual manner !

BTW there will be a fun video clip at the end …

OK, here we go.

First the words of then Liberal Don Chipp, around the time the idea of a new party – the Australian Democrats – was beginning to take hold in 1977.

I have become disenchanted with party politics as they are practised in  this country and with the pressure groups which have an undue influence  on the major political parties. The parties seem to polarise on almost  every issue, sometimes seemingly just for the sake of it, and I wonder  if the ordinary voter is not becoming sick and tired of the vested  interests which unduly influence political parties and yearns for the  emergence of a third political force, representing middle-of-the-road  policies which would owe allegiance to no outside pressure group.  Perhaps it may be the right time to test that proposition.” – Don Chipp 1977

Now have a gander at some of what Kevin Rudd wrote about Labor on the weekend.

“The truth is this: the centralised power of the factional leadership of the ALP is exercised to the exclusion of the 35,000 members who make up our rank and file. This does not advance the interests of the party at large, but rather the interests of the few.”


“There are some fundamental principles that we must keep in mind to maintain the respect of the Australian people. First, we must be a party that is honest, truthful, straightforward — warts and all. The public is tired of spin. The people want us to explain in straightforward terms why we are doing things, and why we are not doing things. The people do not expect us to perform miracles, nor do they expect to be misled.”

Compare & contrast.

If nothing else it might prompt far smarter people than I, to wonder about unclogging our constipated body politic in a way other than leadership spills, pointless theatrics and all the other flim-flam, hooey and malarkey.


Now the silly vid.

Finally, this is The Full Catastrophe’s 400th blog.  It could change the nation…


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