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Here’s a story about two universes.

It was posted on the Daily Telegraph’s website within hours of the ALP’s vote on same-sex marriage.

The text of the report is in bold, my “observations” are in itallics.

But first, here’s another story to get us all in a nice mood.

The headline:

“Riot police break up clashes between gay marriage supporters and their opponents”

Bloody hell things are getting a bit nasty, public order issues. This is very worrying.

The story:

Riot police broke up a heated clash between gay marriage supporters and their opponents in Martin Place today.

Oh dear, it’s terrible when two sides of an argument get physical.

Hundreds were involved in the rowdy stand-off after supporters of both sides rallied on the streets, waving placards and banners.

A-ha, a stand-off.  So nobody actually sorta, kinda touched each other.  Sounds more like a barney.

But trouble flared when about 200 gay marriage supporters descended on a group of “sanctity of marriage” supporters — organised by the Christian Democratic Party — who had gathered to protest against changing the law.

Those people descending on the others sounds scary.

Scores of police, including the riot squad, stood between the groups as they exchanged a war of words. Trouble escalated when “sanctity” marchers thrust placards at their opponents.

So there weren’t many riot police really.  I thought they had split up two sets of angry and  violent people. All they seemed to be doing was “brandishing” placards more than anything else.

“They were trying to hit us with their signs and were calling us freaks and sinners,” one gay marriage supporter said.

Just a bit of nasty shouting. Not a riot, not violent

Fearing a fight, police forced the gay marriage supporters to Hyde Park where they had organised a march through the city to Darling Harbour – site of the Labor Party’s national conference.
Oh I see, there was a “fear” of a fight. I wonder why the words “riot” and “clash” (amongst others) used ?
Language, facts, influence, responsibility.
They’re interesting words.

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