Naked or almost

In Uncategorized on December 12, 2011 at 2:16 pm

Posted from Gate 15 Perth Airport

So they want you to divest, disrobe and be dis-comforted.

I am juggling a PC, bag, wallet, boots, belt and a carry on bag as a phalanx of security operatives stare disinterestedly into the middle distance and to the heart of my soul.

(Spoiler alert:  There’s a “why, oh why” coming up any moment.)

I accept that we need to ensure our skies are safe and all that.

(Building up.)

A couple of minutes without your metal based nearest & dearest is a small price to pay.

(Here it comes.)

But why, oh why, oh why can’t the process be conducted with a modicum of decorum.

All around me were people hopping as they removed footwear and scrambling as they wrangled their money & electronic devices.

Nary a table was available  to set yourself up in those strangley too small or too large blue trays.

And there wasn’t even that  as you re-assembled your urban warrior look after the x-rays had done their best and worst.

Pretty please, can Mr Airport Conglomorate Pty Ltd use some of the money made for charging $7.40 for a stale sausage roll to set up some facilities that make the experience feel less like some orientation exercise and more part of the on-going travel and leisure enhancement experience paradigm.

The only saving grace was that my socks were 100% in tact.

But it was close run thing.

But it could have been a lot worse.

  1. Two words: Homeland Security.

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