The Full “Ho Ho Homo” Catastrophe 24th December 2011

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Hosted & posted by Andy “Bah Humbug” Bell & Tim “Stocking Overflowing” Harrison

Your extra TFC stocking filler is this gem which combines Bing Crosby, whose career started in the 1920s, and David Bowie.

Due to pressure of turkey and pavlova there are still a few trancks missing.


Saturday Date – The Shambelles

Ladies Night – Kool & The Gang

Sleigh Ride – Caiola

Now I Have Found You – Elsie Randolph & Jack Buchanan

Holiday – Madonna

Eine Muh, Eine Mäh, Eine Tätärätätä – Götz Alsmann

I’m A Believer – Ed Wilson’s Wacky Band

Boogie Monster – Gnarls Barkley

Angels In The Sky – The Crew Cuts

 Christmas Wish – She & Him

Gay Spirits – David Rose & His Orchestra

Gold Canary – Cloud Control

When The Stars Align – Lindi Ortega

Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown – Nina van Pallandt

I Van Enkulu – The Cool Crooners Of Bulawayo

The Best Is Yet To Come -Tony Bennett & Diana Krall

Oh Come All Ye Faithful – Frank Sinatra

Cha-Hua-Hua – The Pets

Aquí En Mi Nube  – Sonia

You Can’t Hide From Your Bud – DJ Sneak

And that’s all from us for Christmas 2011.

TFC WILL play out the old and almost play in the new on December 31st.

Tonight’s TFC was proudly brought to you by the 1981 edition of the NMAA Cookbook – essential for every Australian Kitchen:


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