Milestones ahead and more

In Uncategorized on January 30, 2012 at 6:05 pm
Posted by Andy “Excited” Bell
Dear Catastrophe-ettes, I have some news.
Don’t get worried, it’s got nothing to do with my recent purchase of a Conway Twitty triple album.
There are exciting things afoot for the show and the timeslot.
First a celebration.
On March 31th TFC will celebrate its 200th program and there will be baked goods galore in and around the studio.
With that milestone reached, the people at Fred Shrubley’s AutoBarn Pakenham (trading as The Full Catastrophe) are delighted to announce a premiere event at a special time in what will be an Australian first.
Look, it’s going to knock your socks off. 
TFC’s two catastrophic hours on Saturday nights will be sliced and diced for a little while and for a very good reason.
From April 7th they’ll look like this:
2100 Euro Song Countdown 2012 – Hikaru Freeman (who you can hear on World Wide Wave on Wednesday nights on Joy) and my good self talk Eurovision Song Contest. It’ll be one crowded hour of song reviews, ESC news and gossip, interviews with the great & the good, some ESC history and much more.
2200 The Full (Mini) Catastrophe – I stay in the studio for to bring you the usual non-mix mix of musical stuff but in truncated form. Fear not “Sports Results With Totally Inapprporiate Music” will be part of the arrangements.
The Euro Song Countdown 2012 climax will come in late May.
There’ll be a special ESC preview on May 25th, the 5th Annual TFC Eurovision Special on May 26th AND a marathon program running in synch with the Australian telecast of Eurovision 2012 on May 27th.
It’s all happening.
Get on board now and get a taste of the style of Euro Song Countdown 2012 by having a look at joyeurovision.com.
  1. […] April, I will be joining the Full Catastrophe as part of EuroSongCountdown 2012 (See fullcatastrophe.wordpress.com for more details) which will run all the way till the Final in late […]

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