The Road To Baku (and the White House)

In Uncategorized on February 1, 2012 at 4:38 pm

Posted by Andy “Douze Points” Bell

For those with a predilection for things competitive the next month or so will be a beauty.

Politically and musically.

First, there’s the all over the place race to be the Republican Party’s nominee for the US presidential election.

Just when you think someone is about to win the political scrag fight something either a) weird b) wacky or c) both happens and the race is thrown into chaos.

It’s a horse race where some of the nags keep getting up, scooping up their jockeys in the process.

Mitt Romney may have trumped Newt, Rick & Ron (sounds like a close harmony folk group from the 1960s) in Florida, but this race will stumble on through primarie and caucuses for a while yet.

Then there’s the race that’ll halt a zillion mirror balls.

The scramble to be part of the Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Azerbaijan in May.

In February alone there will be SEVENTEEN countries choosing their song.


Just imagine.

Mind (and ear) boggling.

If you think you’ve heard and seen no hopers in the ESC proper in past years, think what Barry Crockers (for any international readers – shockers) will be inflicted on the good folk of Norway, Ukraine, Netherlands and the rest in their respective national finals.

It’s a musical heaven, hell and purgatory.

With europe in the midst of economic meltdown the ESC offers a chance to kick a few musical goals to lift the spirits.

Although inadvertently, some entrants for euro glory may also plunge several nations into further gloom.

It’ll be an exciting time for one and all.

For the lowdown & the latest on how the Eurovision runners & riders are shapingfaring go to joyeurovision.com to get a taste of what’s going on – click on Contenders 2012 at the top right of the home page.

TFC is more than a little happy to be a part of Joy’s Euro Song 2012 coverage.

Tune in to the show on Saturday nights (2100AEDST/1000 GMT) to Joy 94.9 (http://www.joy.org.au/) for more details on how  Euro Song Countdown we’ll be keeping you in the loop while firmly standing outside the square !!

Bring it on !!!!


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