The Full “February” Catastrophe – 4th February 2012

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Hosted & Posted by Andy “Euro Song Countdown” Bell

February already ?

Surely some mistake.

Anyhoo, TFC is girding up its loins (not a completely disgusting sight) to ease its way (better not go there) into a brave new world of  Saturday nights on Joy where the build-up  to the Eurovision Song Contest  will be increasingly part of the two hours between 2100 & 2300 AEDST (1000 & 1200 GMT).

Get a taste of what Hikaru Freeman and I are already serving up online. 

Here’s an informed look at Portugal’s history in the comp,  which includes a revolutionary call ! 

And if love is in the air for you, join Hikki & AJ for a celebration of the glory of Slovenia.

“Euro Song Countdown” is up & running at joyeurovision.com, on Facebook & on  Twitter.

Now, let the games begin Catastrophe-style.


 My Love Is With You – Stevie Wonder

Wages Of Love – Muriel Day

Our Eurovision song for the week.  It’s from 1969 when there was a four-way tie between hosts Spain, the UK, Netherlands and France.

Pocket – Sam Sparro

Mona Lisa – Nat King Cole

One of the great song stylists (and a pretty nifty pianio player too) sings one of the songs that made him famous.

Fado Curvo – Mariza

A bit of fado from Portugal. Fado is a form of music characterized by mournful tunes and lyrics, often about the sea or the life of the poor. However, in reality fado is simply a form of song which can be about anything, but must follow a certain structure.  Isn’t Wikipedia fun ?

The More I See You – Laura Baizan

Libertango – Ruth Roshan & Tango Noir

Open Up Them Pearly Gates – The Seekers

Da Big Squeeze – Roddie Romero

Rose Marie – Slim Williams

This week’s bucket list song.  Mmmmmm.

Right Back Where We Started From – Maxine Nightingale

Sweet Georgia Brown – Barbara Cook

A truly great voice.  The recording is from a comeback concert in the 1970s when Cook returned after batling personal problems.  After starting her career in musicals she is an accomplished cabaret singer these days as she keeps performing well into her 80s.

Compare & contrast, Cook the ingenue and Cook the chanteuse.

Nymphs & Shepherds – Frankie Howerd & Margaret Rutherford

This is a fine example of a dying art – comedy on record/disc. Frankie Howerd was a comedian renowned for double entendres and eye-rolling, while Margaret Rutherford was an actor of impeccable comedic timing.  The combo was gold, how it came about is anybody’s guess – a one-off which still works.

Ms Rutherford was the original Ms Marple (the great Charles “Bud” Tingwell was a co-star).

Howerd, who was gay AND wore an obvious rug,  was in some of the”Carry Ons” and remains a bit of a British comedy icon.

Experience Unnecessary – Lee Adam Wishier

Miracle – Astrid Williamson

I’m Blue – The Ikettes

Puberty’s Got The Better Of Me – Seth Green (Family Guy)

One of the few songs off the album “Family Guy – Live in Vegas ” that can be broadcast without bleeps !!

Knock, Knock – The Carlisles

Ain’t Got No Home – Clarence “Frogman” Henry

The Greasy Chicken – Andre Williams

Gotta Have Love – Men Out Loud

Doom’s Night – Azzido Da Gras


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