The Full “No Special Branding” Catastrophe – 11th February 2012

In Uncategorized on February 11, 2012 at 9:52 pm

Hosted & posted by Andy “Still No Branding” Bell

At the end of a week where two movies,” J. Edgar” & “Weekend“, have wobbled my world and opened my heart, here is more food for the soul of the catastrophic kind.


On A Certain Night – The Miserable Rich

Clingwrap – Sam Sparro

Night Train To Memphis – Dean Martin

Samo Ljubezen – Sestre

Drag and more at the Eurovision Song Contest.  It cause a stir and reinforced Slovenia as an ESC wonder.  For more on the Slovenian impact at the ESC Slovenia listen to Hikki & AJ (yours truly) in podcast mode.

Voi Voi – Superstars with Nora Brockstedt

Another bit of Eurovisioniana.  Norways forst ever sampled by a couple of young fellows. “Voi voi” is still much loved in Norge. 

Spaceman In My Loungeroom – Rock Bottom & The Detonators

Jackson’s Song – Passport For Amy

Millenium Jitterbug – Wanderlust

A band that won the Best Jazz Album ARIA award in 1994.

Harvey & Sheila – Allan Sherman

Survival – Ruth Rogers Wright 

I’m A Moody Guy – Shane Fenton & The Fentones

The Silver Madonna – Kirk Stevens

Love Explosion – Formula One with Tina Harrod

The Letter – The Fumes

Sad & Blue – Hawke & The Lady

I Found A New Way To Go To Town – Mae West

A somewhat scandalous performer who cleverly hid behind her double entendre  heavy lyrics almost bating the authorities to come after her.  A true  original who said “too much of a good thing is wonderful”.

The Summer Place – Fountains Of Wayne

Action/Adventure – Andrew Bird

Your Sweetness Is My Weakness – Barry White


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