The Full Catastrophe – 18th February 2012

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Hosted & posted by Andy “No Clever Jokes In The Title” Bell

 You may have notice an upswing in Eurovision Song Contest content of late, both historic and 2012ish.

It’s all part of a multi-platformed content delivery portal undertaking that will be cranking up over the next few months.

Get a taste by clicking here

This glorious one stop shop of all thing joyfully Eurovisiony will beguile you with blogs, make you ponder with its podcasts and captivate you with its coverage of the contenders.

And by April joyeurovision.com will spread its wings even further on Saturday nights.

These are exciting times indeed !

And here’s Wislawa Szymborska ‘s poem “Children of Our Era“, which I read on the program.


Make Believe Ballroom – Bobby Short

The most elegant of the cabaret singers of New York in the late 20th century. Swelegant indeed.

Fox On The Run – Sweet

The glammest of glam rockers who so permeated anyone who went through adolescence in the the 1970s.

Don’t Knock Love – Kate Ceberano & Jon Stevens

Count On Me – Nat Col & The Kings

Underground – Monique Brumby

Foolin’ Around – Patsy Cline

A Guy Is A Guy – Doris Day

What a title.  What a singer.

Rock Me – Riva

Vous Obliez Votre Cheval – Charles Trenet

A hugely popular French singer best known to a wider audience  for “La Mer”.

Tin Roof Blues – Louis Armstrong

The Song With Violins – Amanda McBroom

Super Man – Pan Am

The Glory Of Love – The Velvetones

I Know An Old Lady – Jon Pertwee

Glass Figurine – Andrew Bird

You Belong To Me – Jo Stafford

Get Down – Gene Chandler

Fried Onions – Lord Rockingham’s XI

Takia Rari – Yma Sumac

Natasha – Rufus Wainwright

Rock You Sinners – Art Baxter & His Rock’N’Roll Sinners

Passenger – Powderfinger

New Technology – Waikiki


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