The Full “Spill” Catastrophe 24th February 2012

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Hosted & posted by Andy “Lonely Microphones At Empty Lecterns” Bell

This week’s inverted commas gag is a tribute to the glorious and breathless coverage of the Labor leadership kerfuffle. 

It has been a fine example of not much happening and you will damn well get told about it many, many times. 

And that is the end of any political references … or is it ?  There are a few spangles scattered through the playlist that may be appropriate for Julia and Kevin.


Roll With It – Oasis

In Tune With Me – E

Lipstick On Your Collar – Helen Shapiro

Sid – Fascinating Aida

Et Cetera – Sinead Mulvey & Black Daisy

Not one of Ireland’s finest hours at Eurovision & the technology agreed !  It gets a mention in the latest ESC history podcast at JoyEurovision, one of the many offerings at our sister site.

Swing Gitan – Belle Musette

Honey Don’t – Carl Perkins

Guess Who’s In Town – Bobby Short

Get Me To The Church On Time – Stanley Holloway

It was a week when someone said that she didn’t support same sex marriage , but that it was inevitable. Mmmmm.  The song is from “My Fair Lady

The clip is from Nat “King” Cole who recorded virtually every song from the musical.

Teardrops – The XX

Next Time I Love – Linda Eder

Loveliness – Moriarty

Make Me Smile – Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel

The clip comes from the BBC’s equivalent of “Countdown”, “Top Of The Pops” which was mandatory viewing on a Thursday night. 

Owls – Cocoon

Golden Train – Penguin Prison

A Little Bit In Love – Audra McDonald

Here Audra combines this song, from “Wonderful Town“, with one of Stephen Sondheim’s lesser known songs.

La Llorona – Beirut

Issues – Scoundrels

Out For No Good – Ginger Rogers

Very naughty song from the 1934 movie “Twenty Million Sweethearts”.

My Coo-Ca-Choo – Alvin Stardust

Another “Top Of The Pops” clip which not only delivers Alvin but gives a sense of the show.

Owner Of The Lonely Heart – Yes


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