All kinds of everything

In Uncategorized on February 28, 2012 at 12:19 pm

Now, this blog & its title are not a sly device to cross promote TFC’s splendid sister site’s recent chat about Ireland at the ESC.


(Mind you those linky things can be really spiffy !)

It’s really a set up for a ponder.

There I was minding my own business wandering up Sydney Road, Brunswick and I suddenly realised I was in a world of retro retail.

Not for us Brunswickians the glittering customer experience of the top end of town.

True, there are a couple of somewhat aggressive mobile phone stores, not to mention a few swanky eateries.

But for the most part Sydney Road is shop after shop of … shop.

The retail experience is plain, simple and extremely varied.

There are books to be browsed, LPs to be fingered and household necessities garnered.

Yes garnered.

While Melbourne’s CBD is heaving with chocolatiers & exotic tea dispensaries, Sydney Road offers retailers with premises packed to the gunwales – yes gunwales – with sink plungers, scouring pads, clothes pegs, balls of  string, tea towels, firelighters, insoles …

Or to put it in the form of an ode to Brunswick’s shopping mecca:

Snail bait and mothy pills, butter-knives and keys.

Weird nails & things for coats,  odd pots for tea.

Things for smells, welding gels,  varnish of many hues

All kinds of everything remind me of you.






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