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In Uncategorized on March 5, 2012 at 12:02 pm

Posted by Andy Bell

And how might you all be Catastrophe-ettes ?

Were you glued to the Mardi Gras OB on Joy, at the blessed thing itself or, like me, in the company of mates for a few wet ones ?

After the week off, TFC returns this Saturday night on Joy 94.9 and loins are already girded for the run in to the show’s 200th program on March 31st.

200 !!!!

Now to some things to click on and enjoy.

*Sister site JoyEurovision.com is awash with news, views and podcasts as the runners and riders for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest become clearer.  Call by and be banjaxed.

*Wales is said to be the land of song, but it doesn’t get a place at the Eurovision table.  However, it does have a song contest that replicates many of those across Europe used to select ESC entries.  It’s just chosen its fave for 2012.

*In the podcasting firmament I have yet to find anything, with the exception of the stuff on JoyEurovision.com, anything that tops “Here’s The Thing”. It features Alec Baldwin the interviewer !  Here’s the place to go for WNYC’s “Here’s The Thing“.

*And finally, some classic silliness from the 80s.  Ricky Hoyw AKA Dewi “Pws” Morris was the Engelbert Humperdinck of his day !

Nuf said.

And yes, the lyric translations are truly awful …


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