The Full “I’m baaaaaaack” Catastrophe – 10th March 2012

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Hosted & posted by Andy Bell

Back after Mardi Gras and there’s a countdown or two going on.

The program is edging ever closer to a major milestone – 200 programs on March 31st – and then there’s the April/May switcheroo when “Euro Song Countdown” comes on stream at 2100 each Saturday to be followed by the “Not So Full Catastrophe” at 2200.

Catch the ever changing world of the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest at JoyEurovision.com.

These are exciting times.

And here’s more about “My First Wife” – you had to be there.


Beat Out – June Hawkins

In The Closet – Michael Jackson

Daydream Believer – The Monkees

We recently lost Davy Jones, the Britisig component of the so called pre-fab four.  One of Davy’s qualities as a singer was a wided eyed hopefulness in his voice.

Sha La La – The Shambelles

Sola Estoy – Lorella Con Los Shakers

One of my fave genres of the moment – Iberian pop of the 60s & 70s !

Coming up in the week commencing 12th March there’ll be a podcast on Spain the the Eurovision Song Contest as part of JoyEurovision’s ESC history series hosted by Hikaru Freeman & some other bloke.

Wolves Of The Sea – Pirates Of The Sea

Talking of Eurovision.  As I was thinking about this week’s ESC component I suddenly remembered this. Not exactly Cosmo Jarvis !!

Scrooey Mooey – The Peels

Joe 90 – Barry Gray Orchestra

Supercar begat Fireball XL5 which begat Stingray which begat Thunderbirds which then begat Captain Scarlet who may or may not have begat Joe 90.

When October Goes – Nancy Wilson

It is a gift when a listener puts you onto something really fine.  Thank you David for this one .

Private Lily – Moriarty

Fran The Revoker – The Certifiables

Little Bitty Pretty One – Thurston Harris & The Sharp

This fine bit of 50s stuff was memorably used in the Dennis Potter TV series “Lipstick On Your Collar” and yes that is a VERY young Ewan McGregor and yes it is VERY camp.

Boy Scout In Switzerland – Beau Hunks

The kings of retro.

Cat Handcuffs – Steve Martin

Route 666 – Barney McAll

Count To Four – You Am I

How High The Moon – Les Paul & Mary Ford

This is a firm favourite.  It’s one of the first examples of technology & music coalescing. The clip ihas been posted here before, but what the heck !

Women Love -Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps

Rain On The Roof – Al Bowlly

The Puppy Song – Astrid Gilberto

Give Up The Funk – Chris Colfer & Amber Riley

Louder – Chris Willis



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