The Full “199th” Catastrophe – 24th March 2012

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Hosted & posted by Andy Bell

So here we are.

On the brink of the 200th show.

To those who regularly listen and check in via the interweb and walking about telephonic thing I send my thanks as I do in equal measure to those who have said “hi” just the once.

Radio is such an intimate medium and on Saturday night it is a wonderful thing to cosy up to so many.

And without talking sticks and wirey things we couldn’t do it.

So why not dig deep and join the  “Joy 94.9 Tech Drive 2012” – every dollar counts.

In others matters arising here’s the link mentioned in the program about the cast and creator of “Mad Men” and here’s Joy Eurovision’s take on the draw for ESC semi finals.

Now on with the show…


Dirty Laundry – Bitter:Sweet (the colon IS correct!!)

That’s Amore – Dean Martin

Let’s Stick Together – Bryan Ferry

Stop, Stop, Stop – The Hollies

Nothing like a banjo to elevate a song.  I have a theory that part of the reason for the lack of silverware at the Westen Bulldogs is due to the absence of a banjo line in our club song.  Ahem.

Paper Roses – Hank Snow

A song for Kilmarnock.

Brandeburg Tor – Ketil Stokkan

This week’s Eurovision song. One from 1990 when everyone was banging on about european unity and how everything was peachy-keen.  It came joint last, but I like it ! For all kinds of everything in the Eurovision sense go to TFC’s sister site JoyEurovision.com for blogposts, podcasts and general Baku brouhaha.

Grant Green – Zeek’s Beek

Sweet Georgia Brown – Red Norvo Trio

Cherbourg –Beirut

Buttons & Bows – The Dinning Sisters

The ever winning Dinnings.

Wavelength – Superdarling AKA Tanya Lee Davies

Seddi Gwag – Huw M

Psycadelic Baby – Dudley Moore

A very naughty track from one of the annual naughty discs released by British satitical magazine Private Eye.  The vocalist is Dudley Moore.

You Are Not My First Love – Mabel Mercer

Guess Things Happen That Way – Johnny Cash

The clip has the Man in Black as something of a teen heart throb !

Since I Fell For You – Whirimako Black

Birmingham Bounce – Lionel Hampton Orchestra

The Monster – The New Swing Sextet

How Do You Keep The Music Playing ? – Tony Bennett & George Michael

Make Your Own Kind Of Music – Mamas & Papas

Is “Beautiful Thing” the most heart-warming, soul-elevating coming out play/movie ever ?  This unreconstructed romantic says YES !!

Ring My Bell – Anita Ward

The first track ever played on TFC.  Obvious really.



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