The 200th Full Catastrophe – 31st March 2012

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Hosted & posted by Andy Bell with a bit of help.

So it’s come to this.

Two hundred shows, four hundred & one hours (yes 401 !!!!) and a whole load of music.

To start with I was determined never to repeat a track, but after the first year it became obvious that was a foolishness of the highest level !

If it’s good it’s worth repeating !

Many thanks to those who listened &  messaged and a huge merci to Hikaru Freeman my co-presenter of Euro Song Countdown for calling by.

And here is the clip with the penguins:


Everybody Says Don’t – Cleo Lane

Not many said don’t at the start … and they have been dealt with !  From the Stephen Sondheim heroic failure “Anyone Can Whistle”.

Old Fashioned Love – George Melly

The king of decadence and a white man who could sing the blues ! We need more Georges in this world. His obituary read: “(he) leched, drank and blasphemed his way around the clubs and pubs of the British Isles and provided pleasure to the public for five decades.”

Cry Me A River – Paul Capsis

Lonely Weekends – Charlie Rich

La Follia D’Amore – Raphael Gualazzi

2nd in the Eurovision Song Contest last year and a chance to direct your attention to the good gear on JoyEurovision.com which next week takes over TFC’s first hour in the lead up to Baku 2012.

Bang Goes The Drum – Blossom Dearie

How High The Moon – Dianne Reeves

How High The Moon – Slim Galliard

Two versions of the same fine song.  And here’s another.

Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly Fond Of Each Other – Pansy Division

What a title, what a song.

‘Tis Harry I’m Planning To Marry – Doris Day

Any Harry’s available ?

2-4-6-8 – Tom Robinson Band

Tom sang “Glad to be gay” and his band was very political as the Thatcher era started in the UK.  Very much a student favourite for me. Tom is a popular radio presenter in the UK.

Way Down In The Hole – Blind Boys Of Alabama

From “The Wire”.

The Boy Next Door – Lee Adam Wilshier

Sister Josephine – Jake Thackray

Jake was a glorious talent.  He saw the world from a special place. 

Fotoromanza – Alfredo Rey e la sua Orchestra

You’re Just In Love – Ethel Merman & Russell Nype

A song I have adored from way back when.  The two melodies copmpeting is fun and the sentiment is not to be dismissed either.  Then there’s Ethel …

Only A Rose – Geraint Watkins

The Day Is Short – Jearlyn Steele

From Robert Altman’s last movie “The Prairie Home Companion”.

“The day is short.
The night is long.
Why do we work so hard, to get what we don’t even want?”

Just A Little Bit – Gina G


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