Saturday Night Fever

In Uncategorized on April 6, 2012 at 10:51 am

A change is as good as a holiday … or a change.

And this weekend sees a terrific tweaking of the Joy 94.9 & joy.org.au Saturday line-up.

TFC has always paid  homage to the Eurovision Song Contest at this time of year, but the annual celebration of what makes the continent go “La, la, la”, “Bing, bang, bong” or “Oogi, oogi, oogi” is this year getting a slot of its own.

I’ll be teaming up with Hikaru Freeman for seven glorious Saturday nights of EuroSongCountdown 2012 at 2100 AEST.

It’ll be a hour long  potpourri, verwechseln & upetljati of all things Eurovision.

We’ll look forward to this year, shed some light on the darkest corners of ESC history , talk with people who’ve actually been there and done it and generally share our love of the evnt amongst those who have open arms and hearts.

There’s already oodles of stuff on the website, including a taster of the Bell/Freeman magic on last weekend’s TFC #200.

And talking of that august program, “The Full Catastrophe” has a mini-weekend awayday break re-jig with the show taking on a one hour format for the duration.

It’ll be a chance to do things a little differently, but difference is what it’s all about anyway.

One of the features will be “Go & Sample” … think about the initials.




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