Supplementries: 24 & 32

In Uncategorized on April 13, 2012 at 3:51 pm

Posted by Andy “Not Quite So” Bell

It is a week of anniversaries for yours truly.

The marking of a passage of time with numbers that indicate something major.

And those numbers are to be seen above and reflected on below.

24 – the number of years I have lived in Australia come 14th April.

I stepped off a plane and into a new country with my eyes less than wide open, but my heart very much made available.

Yes, it was to “be” with someone and that added to the excitement.

Romance and adventure  make for a potent mix.

Well, the adventure lasted longer than the romance !

Australia is a bit like that, once you catch the bug.

It offers many, many possibilities and you can take your time choosing the ones that suit you the best.

It took me 19 years or so to finally reach the place that suited best in the country I chose to be part of – Melbourne

(That anniversary is another month away.)

And so it goes on.

Australia has been a constant and there is no other place I could reasonably call home.

However long I roam here I will never be of  this place, but I am certainly from here by now.

Thanks for having me.

32 – the number of years I have been a professional broadcaster &  journalist come April 13th.

Papal visits, election coverages, panel operating, miners strike picket lines, sports commentaries,  children’s programs, outside broadcasts,  new stations setting up, old stations crumbling, Lang Hancock’s death, Britney Spears new album, the Dalai Lama’s visit to Perth and Bob Hawke’s to Wollongong.

There was a lot of standing around in among that lot as well, but plenty of excitement along the way.

These are a few of the things I can recall readily.

Oh, and 201 Full Catastrophes.


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