The Full Catastrophe – 21st April 2012

In Uncategorized on April 21, 2012 at 11:00 pm

Hosted & posted by Andy Bell

Another night of infinite possibilities musically speaking.

Well, perhaps infinite is overstating the case.

But it was a chance to mix it up, mash it around and see who saluted it.


King Of The Stars – Dr Don Don

Los Pepinillos – Tania Velia

The clip is just audio, but it is SO worth a listen to.  Iberian idiocy of the highest quality. And the title ? “The pickles”.

Common People – Andy Bull

Fit As A Fiddle – The Ponce Sisters

Near Death Experience Experience – Andrew Bird

Bill & Ted’s Homosexual Adventure – Pansy Division

My Name Is John Wellington Wells – Denis Olsen & ASO

This week’s excursion to the land of Gilbert & Sullivan.  The song is a tour de force from “The Sorcerer”.

Cliquot – Beirut

L’Enfant Aux Cymbales – Frida Boccara

Don’t Treat Me This Way – Dale Hawkins

My Love – Los Pinguos

I Know You Got Soul – Bobby Byrd


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