The Full Catastrophe – May 5th 2012

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Maytide is with us again and it’s time in these parts to rug up and get toasty.

It’s also THE month of Eurovision.

Catch much ESC stuff and nonsense at www.joyeurovision.com


Yeh, Yeh – Los 3 Sudamericanos

A Spanish take on the epitome of 60s cool.

My Babe – Narvel Felts

What a name and what a country music legend. I tend to think I don’t like country, but I adore rockabilly – that really confuses me!!

Sidecar – Kathleen Edwards

Don’t Rock The Boat – Dean Martin & Margaret Whiting

All I Want – Sarah BlaskoBy The Mystic Regulation – Kenneth Sandford

This week’s portion of Gilbert & Sullivan is all about that most delicious pastry – the sausage roll.

By the mystic regulation
Of our dark Association,
Ere you open conversation
With another kindred soul,
You must eat a sausage-roll!

If, in turn, he eats another,
That’s a sign that he’s a brother –
Each may fully trust the other.

It’s a greasy kind of pastry,
Which, perhaps, a judgement hasty
Might consider rather tasty:
Once (to speak without disguise)
It found favour in our eyes.
It is quaint and it is droll,
But it’s bilious on the whole.

But when you’ve been six months feeding
(As we have) on this exceeding
Bilious food, it’s no ill-breeding
If at these repulsive pies
Our offended gorges rise!

Happy Virus – Hundreds

The Young Ones – Cliff Richard & The Shadows

As part of TFC’s build up to Eurovision 2012 here’s a man who represented the UK in the ESC twice with one of his greatest hits.

And it had a second lease on life in a most unlikely form.

Diva – Combo Fiasco

Home Town – Flanagan & Allen

Who ????,  I hear you cry.  Well, you’d know Bud Flanagan IF you are a fan of “Dad’s Army“.  He sang the title song.  With Chesney Allen they made up an extraordinarily popular double act in the UK in the middle of the last century.  They were also part of the Crazy Gang.

Lovin’ Machine – Wynonie Harris

Cantina – Bastian Van Shield


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