Approaching Eurovision

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Adapted from a blogpost first published on JoyEurovision.com

If the word “Eurovision” sends you all a-quiver then you are probably “one of us”.

And who are “we” ?

“We” are fans, geeks, Euro-nerds, Concours-maniacs and interested bystanders.

The self-appointed cognoscenti.

And what we aren’t, I sincerely trust, are people who will accept much of the dreck being doled out as facts, insights and commentary from the industrial-military complex AKA the European Broadcasting Union and its associated lackeys !

Now I know not all of us are that interested in the outcome of the 1966 Melodi Grand Prix – by the way this song came last and I love it.

But I also have a good feeling that even many in the “once a year” Eurovision fan brigade are pretty unimpressed with the mush and pseudo-factoids being served up in various on and off line places.

You know the stuff:

“Crapovia’s entrant Jatislav Garbagikov says his favourite milkshake flavour is pineapple & pistachio and he hopes one day to visit the Pacific nation of Tuvalu”.

“Naffland has only reached the Grand Final of Eurovision once and that was with the song “Noona nooona noooooona nay”.

“WD-40 Television’s Punsonica Epithet says her country’s entry is the strongest since “Nay noooooona nooona noona” in 1975″.

And there’s more.

Courage mes braves, courage.

Soon the previews, the interviews, the interviews about the previews, the previews of the interviews and the morass of media releases from Baku and elsewhere will be over and we can get down to nitty gritty.

The Contest.

And we all have our systems to eye of a winner  and/or contender, much like the experienced punter makes his or her selection at the track.

Take the case of EuroSongCountdown’s hosts with the mostests. (ESC 2012 Saturday night @ 2100 AEST)

My esteemed, beloved and über-patient colleague Hikaru Freeman takes ganders at rehearsals while I default to being 13 or 26 years old (plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, I hear you cry).

Back in the day, or rather back in my day as an awkward dumpy teenager or somewhat less awkward 20-something, I would watch the preview shows on BBC on Sunday afternoons before the contest, make some vague decisions and then wait until THE night itself.

Whatever your system it fits for you and it is right.

Eat, drink, view, ponder and all the rest.

It is our time !!


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