The Full (& 5th) “EuroSongCountdown” Catastrophe

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Hosted & posted by Andy Bell & Hikaru Freeman

Andy & Hikaru plus friend at Joy Radiothon sponsor Essendon Jeep

At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious, it’s a BIG weekend.

This edition of The Full Catastrophe is our annual celebration of the great & the good & the truly awful of Eurovision.

The JoyEurovision.com team of Hikaru Freeman and yours truly got together and what fun was had.

As ever, there was something new to learn: this year the ins and outs of the various national selections and their many hidden gems.

As TFC resumes its two hour length, can I just say that if I start telling you about the great time I have had with Hikaru as we worked towards this weekend I would be here for quite a while.

同志ありがとう !

If you are intrigued the good folk at Google Translate will do the business.

Was it doable ? Was it worthwhile ? Was it fun ?

Yes x 3.

And don’t forget “Joy Eurovision 2012” on Joy 94.9/joy.org.au from 1900 AEST on Sunday – the broadcast will be in synch with the delayed SBS telecast.


Te Deum – Eurogrooves

Running Scared – Ell & Nikki (Azerbaijan – 1st 2011)

One million plus You Tube viewers can’t be wrong.  Can they ?

Die Welt Dreht Sich Verkerht – Stella Jones (Austria – 13th 1995)

During the Joy Eurovision project Hikaru Freeman & I have shared a lot.   This is one of the great gifts Hikaru brought me.

Diggi-loo Diggi-ley – Herreys (Sweden – 1st 1984)

Deli – Mor ve Ötesi (Turkey – 7th 2008)

Vims – Wenche Myrhe (Norway MGP 1966)

Vims – Anita Thallaug (Norway MGP 1966)

It came stone cold motherless last in the Melodi Grand Prix in 1966, but I love it.  Both versions.  Is that odd ? No, it’s Odd Børre in the Anita Thallaug version.  Honest.

Se In Se – Karmen Stavec

Exxtra – Alya

Until You Saved My Life – Sister Sway

Apenas O Meu Povo – Simone de Oliveira

Cidade Aldeia – Duarte Mendes

Super Extra Wondershop – Nina (Finland – National selection 1973)

The annual release of the WORST song ever written for Eurovision.  Fear not it won’t be back on air until May 2013!!

Tipi-Tii – Marion Rung (Finland – 7th 1962)

Eurovision Song – Marty Feldman

Moja Generacija/Generacija ’42 – Korni Grupa (Yugoslavia – 12th 1974)

Samsson – Emly Starr (Belgium – 13th 1981)

Apricot Stone – Eva Rivas (Armenia – 2010)

Nygammal Vals – Lill Lindfors & Svante Thuresson (Sweden – 2nd 1966)

Als Het Om De Fiefde Gaat – Sandra & Andres (Netherland – 4th 1972)

A fun song with 70s style.

After Now – Paulo de Carvalho

The recently discovered English version of a Portuguese song that signaled the start of a revolution !

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