Pride all round

In Uncategorized on June 12, 2012 at 5:18 pm

Posted by Andy Bell

It’s a funny old time for me.

Indulge me a little !

I am currently doing the necessary pre-colonoscopy “thing” of drinking stuff that “washes cleaner than clean” – a necessary health event for men of a certain age.

Kaloo kalay

Therefore, I am very much staying at home, taking it easy and having a bit of a think.

Among other things !

Anyhow, pride is among the thinking topics.

Pride in a couple of ways.

First, Gay Pride.

It’s that time of year, well it is in the northern hemisphere where GLBTI Pride is being celebrated and much more. (http://www.nighttours.com/gaypride/)

In fact it’s International Pride Month.

There are at least 22 Pride events this month in Europe & the US.

Now I know it’s a bit chilly in these parts but I wonder why Australia has gone missing in the Pride stakes.

Yep, I know Midsumma in Melbourne has a Pride March in the Australian summer, but how about something or other in June as well ?

Sure it might rain or sleet or just be chilly, but if we really are proud why would we get worried by such piddling issues ?

Sometimes I reckon us lot in the southern hemisphere need to just suck it up (sorry – my mind IS elsewhere somewhat) and join the global club.

How about the idea of a Pride Day where, like New Year, ever hour cities & countries show their colours.

Imagine a rainbow covered MCG or Sydney Opera House !!

First, we have to ensure that people of all stripes know this is the time of year for global GLBTI pride.

Not hearing much about it at the moment, with an honourable exception or two.

Any thoughts ??

Now to pride on a personal level.

Without wishing to get mawkish, when you are facing even an apparently trivial hospital  procedure the fundamentals of life come into clearer focus.

And the most fundamental for me is people – friends to be precise.

So as I sit – gingerly and in expectation – at the PC and hammer out this blogpost, I do it with a dedication to those past, present & future folk who have been, are and will be “there”.

Pride ain’t even the half of it.

Now, stand by for tales of hospital hilarity, medical malarkey and more !


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