The Full (& Proud) Catastrophe Catastrophe – 16th June 2012

In Uncategorized on June 16, 2012 at 10:54 pm

Hosted & posted by Andy Bell & Hikaru Freeman

It’s Gay Pride month internationally, although around, & other parts of Australia, there’s scant evidence of that.

However, in the northern hemisphere there’s plenty of Pride on show.

This week’s Full Catastrophe is full of Pride … as well as the usual stuff.


Dance My Pain Away – Rod Lee

John I’m Only Dancing – David Bowie

Hold Me – P. J. Proby

Coming Home – Asleep In The Park (Now playing as “The On Fires

She’s Neat – Dale Wright & The Rock-Its

Bois De La Casbar – Gus Viseur

The Herpes Tango – Fascinating Aida

Deadwood Stage – Melinda Schneider

You Don’t Know – Danny & The Champions Of The World

Beautiful Trash – LANU

Unlock – Gabriel Rios

Chain Of Fools – Aretha Franklin

Glad To Be Gay – Tom Robinson

Who Are You Now ? – Barbara Cook

Over The Rainbow – Frank Sinatra

Buy Now Pay Later – The Whitlams

Haleliwa – Brigyn

Do Want You Wanta – Zydeco Force

Endless Love – Love Construction


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