TFC aka Le Catastrophe Total – 14th July 2012

In Uncategorized on July 14, 2012 at 10:55 pm

Avec la participation de Andy Bell et Hikaru Freman

There’s just no avoiding national celebrations of various sorts at this time of year.

After tackling both sides of the 49th paralleel last week, the TFC Twosome grappled with things gallic on Bastille Day.

The result was, as you would expect, not quite what you would have expected.


A Bas Tout Les Privileges – La Révolution Française (Soundtrack)

Laisse Tomber Les Filles – April March

Padam Padam – Duck Musique

La Danse Des Mardi Gras – Dewey Balfa & Balfa Brothers

Season Of Love – Akina Nakamori

Valse D’amour – Paris Combo

Tu Veux Tu Veux Pas – Brigitte Bardot

Ce Matin La – AIR

Allumer Le Feu – Johnny Hallyday

Comme Je Suis – Sinclair

Elle Chantait Ma Vie En Musique – Gilbert Montagné

Partir Un Jour – 2 Be 3

Je Dis Ame – M

New York USA – Serge Gainsbourg

J’ai Peur L’Automne – Jean Sablon

Twiggy, Twiggy – Pizzicato Five

Dans Ce Monde A Part – Native

Salma Ya Salma – Dalida

Appel Direct – Quintette Du Hot Club De France

7 Heures Du Matin – Jacqueline Taib

Demain J’arrete – Ben L’Oncle Soul

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