The Full “Fuddle Duddle” Catastrophe – 4th August 2012

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Hosted & posted by Andy Bell & Hikaru Freeman

A couple of ironic Olympic references, another dollop of shame, NYC Transit Update and the return – welcome or otherwise – of  “Andy Bell’s cranky as hell” were just a few of the ingredients to this week’s show.

The boys added their own condiments as the fancy took them.


Ol’ Man River – TISM

Matsuken Samba II – Ken Matsudaira
Mato – Narasirato
Brother Blood – Neville Brothers
Hi Ho Silver Lining – Jeff Beck
Baby It’s Cold Outside – She & Him
Un Inverno Da Baciare – Marina Rei
Shiyouyo (Let’s Do It) –SMAP
Streets Are Hot – Miho Fujiwara
Sweet Inspiration ’85 – Hiroshi Sato
That Old Black Magic – Kevin Spacey
Fuddle Duddle – Antique Fair
At last the “fuddle duddle” mystery is solved … at least for TFC listeners.  It just goes to show you that it’s not just here in Australia that the level of political debate is nonsensical.  Sauce with that pie Mr Shorten ?
This One’s For You – Penny Hewson
I Don’t Want To Lose You – RAF 
Somebody Told Me – Little Milton
Malinverno – RAF 
Danas Sam Luda  – Divas & Josipa Lisac
  1. […] Wondering what exactly is “fuddle duddle,” and why TFC is keen on celebrating the 42nd Anniversary of it? […]

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