Radio Mantra

In Uncategorized on August 16, 2012 at 11:52 am

Posted by Andy Bell

“Play something they know, play something they don’t know, play something they should know and repeat the pattern,”

That’s just one of the gems contained in an article about our Melbourne community radio comrades over at RRR.

It is a great mantra and one which TFC has embraced from its first gasp and will maintain until its last.

Really, there can be no other worthwhile way of doing radio.

If all you hear is what you know (or the audio equivalents ) then there is little, if no gain.

Blandness ain’t good.

If all you play is unknown stuff, you are at grave risk of being elbowed aside aurally speaking.

Speaking to yourself is spooky.

And if you play something that people should hear, then there is always the  risk of being in broccoli territory.

Being left on the side of the plate can be heartbreaking.

So, a balanced and varied diet in all things musical with the condiments of enthusiasm, knowledge and an open heart.

That’s what we try & do on TFC.

In that spirit, tune in to the “Saturday Smile Show” this weekend from 2100 AEST where all may not be quite what it seems.

It’s also worth observing that a moving target is harder to hit.


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