Saturday Smile Show AKA TFC #221 – 18th August 2012

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Hosted & posted by Hikki, Uncle AJ & Ronnie Wombat

The combination of the Freedom Dental smile promotion and our heroes disgraceful sense of humour created broadcasting history.

The “Saturday Smile Show” took over the first hour of TFC.

It fun, frolics and arbitrary teeth references PLUS the latest star in the entertainment firmament, Ronnie Wombat.

Hikki & Uncle A.J. struggled to keep order in an example of madcappery that eclipsed TFC’s special program for “National Drainage Week” .

There will be a podcast for those who didn’t believe it the first time.


Road Buster –  Phil Perry

Be A Dentist – Steve Martin

Two O’clock Spot – John Baker

By Yourself – Miho Morikawa

Jolity Farm – Bonzo Dog Do Dah Band

Don’t Be A Bunny – John Cullum

Tandem Jump – Jonathan Richman

Time for L-Gaim – MIO

Lonely Chaser – Riyuko Tanaka

S.F. – Johnny, Louis, and Char

Vive Papa – Les Vedettes

I’ve Lost My Mummy – Rolf Harris

Tiger & Dragon – Akiko Wada

Circle Sky – The Monkees

Video  Romeo – Kidd Video

Sorry – Garou

Want It All Back – Mai Yamane

Jump Rope Boogie – Cliffie Stone

I Won’t Give Up – EMPRA

I Can’t Sleep – Pansy Division

  1. […] probably the most ambitious edition of The Full Catastrophe on JOY94.9 so far, Andy Bell and myself gave the first hour to The Saturday Smile Show…and […]

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