The Full “Studio 54” Catastrophe – August 25th 2012

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Hosted & posted by Andy Bell & Hikaru Freeman

It was a show where the dudes were moving on from last week’s incident packed broadcast which launched and then destroyed the careerof “Saturday Smile Show” favourite Ronnie Wombat.

Here are the podcasterated highlights.

Mr Wombat, as he is now referred to, has own view about the events.

These proceedings are now at an end … except for this.


Comin’ Home Baby – Mel Torme
Is this the coolest thing ever ? Absolutely ! Mel was a cool cat – here’s an appreciation of him from a most unlikely source.
Daffy Duck’s Rhapsody – Mel Blanc
La Chanson De L’amitié – Sesame Street
The Childrens Television Workshop show has travelled far and wide.
The clip is a French language report of its forray into Pakistan.
Mama, I Wanna Make Rhythmn – Al Bowlly
Africa (Dancemix) – Ingrid Peters
The start of the Germanic thing.  Although we have been there before.

Cold War  – Janelle Monae

Wir Fah’rn Achterbahn – Mary Roos

Du Hast Mich – Howard Carpendale

T.V.A.G – Pizzicato Five

You Never Can Tell – Chuck Berry (Jack Rabbit Slim’s Twist Contest)
Broken – Susan Lily
A Blossom Fell – Nat King Cole
Rock-a-Chicka – Jim Low
Koi No Fuga (Fugue of Love) – The Peanuts
Of all les chansons nipponaise Hikaru has brought to Andy’s attention, this is the one he completely flipped for ! Musically speaking … of course.

Without You – Emipre Of The Sun

Footsteps in the Dark – The Isley Brothers

I Can’t Turn Around –  Isaac Hayes

It’s Love – Jimmy Somerville
From the musical “Wonderful Town“.  JS has re-imagined a little and it works like a gem.
The original production featured the indomitable Rosalind Russell.  The clip is a blast … & ALMOST as cool as Mel Torme !

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