The Full “He’s Off” Catastrophe – 9th September 2012

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Hosted & posted by Andy Bell

The baton was handed over from Andy to Hikaru at at the end of this show (#224) as the former prepared to head overseas and the latter returned from NZ oozing full cream dairy goodness, not to mention Bambi Burgers.

TFC  will be Hikaru’s domain until mid October and he has plans !

He has already been pulling rabbits out of hats.

The idea is that it’ll be the same (whatever that is) but diferent, or is that different (whatever that is)  but a bit the same ?

Going solo is a bit daunting at any time, but rest assured the ethos of The Full Catastrophe is in the safest hands I can imagine.

So stay tuned and be ready to take another excursion on TFC’s magical musical mystery tour.


The Marrow Song – Kenneth Williams

The perfect TFC song ?

Elusive Butterfly – Bob Lind

Come On, With The Come On – Cab Calloway

Llovio – Ellas

E Depois Do Adeus – Paulo de Carvalho

This song means so much to both Hikaru & I.  Our discussion of it & its impact on history during JoyEurovision.com was a highlight of the project.  E Depois Do Adeus helped signal the start of the Carnation Revolution in Porugal in 1974.   Some commentators snigger at the very suggestion of a Eurovision song starting a revolution, but I don’t think they listen properly to “E Depois Do Adeus’ or think of what it means to the people of Portugal. It won just three points, but it  changed a country.

I remember loving it as a 15 year old and I re-found it thanks to Hikaru.

We Can Talk To Each Other – George Lee Andrews & Margery Cohen

A Heart Won’t Heal – Penny Hewson

I’sa Mucking – Duck Musique

September Song – George Melly

Ten Cats Down – The Miller Sisters

On My Way – Cocoon

Juillet Brillait – Mademoiselle Nineteen

Vorsicht, Vorsicht – Götz Alsmann

That Old Black Magic – Red Norvo Trio

That Old Black Magic – Bob Downe

As taste of a new idea, it’s called  The Red String . It’s about connection.  We’ll play  some super jazz stylings by Red Norvo will be put alongside a more traditional approach to the same song.The first compare & contrast is as bizarre as it gets.

Cry At Films – Bright Light, Bright Light

Last Dream Home – Nancy Wilson

Decay Day – Miss Elm

Cofio Chdi o’r Ysgol – Yr Ods

Dance Hall Days – Wang Chung

And So … – Andrew Bird’s Bowl Of Fire


And here is the podcast version, perfectly portable for all your global journeys.


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  2. […] The Full “He’s Off” Catastrophe – 9th September 2012 (fullcatastrophe.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] The Full “He’s Off” Catastrophe – 9th September 2012 (fullcatastrophe.wordpress.com) […]

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