AJB’s Adventure #5 – The Sights

In Uncategorized on September 21, 2012 at 3:30 am

Wedi’i bostio gan Andreas Bell

Yep, I have reached Wales.

And it is great.

Rhagorol/Rigorous !!

It’s a week since your non-jet affected hero lumbered off NZ002 at Heathrow.

And it’s about time you got to see some of the things I’ve seen.

Let us begin not at the beginning with a bus livery that makes a bit of a statrement to us public transport gay geeks.

Now to a Cardiff culinary delight.

The Louis is a gold-plated throwback to the sixties in decor and menu. 

There’s bread and butter, pots of tea and, of course, the unfinishable mixed grill. And yes, that is a chip butty in my hand.

In Wales, some people are a little befuddled by signs.

Now to the proud mum, Sian, of an Olympic flame runner. 

Ffagl is the Welsh for the instrument !

It’s not all food and global events on this trip.

There’s culture.

Specialised culture.

And there’s flora.

And, of course, these islands are teeming with history of all sorts.



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