AJB’s Adventure #10 – Checking In

In Uncategorized on October 10, 2012 at 7:46 am

Posted by Andy “Streetcar Named Meatloaf” Bell

I am yet again in that city by the bay AKA rainbow central – San Francisco.

Like so much on this trip, the place has changed while not changing at all.

It’s that thing called essence … or is it simply je ne sais quoi ?

Dunno really.

So within hours of arrival on dear old CalTrain, I had quaffed a meatloaf sandwich, wandered the Castro, bought a re-elect Obama button and avoided several score of pan-handlers.

With a make or break post season baseball game involving the local Giants on the TV this afternoon, I made haste to my pensione with the merest pit-stop at the local store for necessary supplies.

And what digs they are.

The gloriously named Nob Hill Hotel stands just inside wheeze territory when it comes to climbing the hills from the centre of the city.

It has old world charm. but modern technology challenges.

I went into a level of hyper-ventilation not induced by eight uphill blocks of Hyde Street when the card-key system took three lift journeys and two confused maids to finally spring into action.

But if that is the worst that happens in the next few days, then I am truly blessed.

While some visitors may linger around the bay or inside a Westfield operated shopping centre to value add to their stay, my mission is a simple a transport of delight.



The vintage variety.

They operate up and down Market Street, the spine of the city.

And they represent the glories of this mode of public transport when it was in its pomp in the 1940s & 50s.

And they come from all over the USA and the world … including our own fair Melbourne.

The F-line” runs to the hub of gay SFO, the Castro, and is a gloriously simple idea that gives this place even more class.

Functioning and historic – a brilliant combo.

I won’t dwell totally in the transit past.

I will try the “K” and the “M” and the “T” lines, but it is to the “F” that I will return most often.

It is the “F” to Castro that will sate my desires … one way or another.

Now, let’s have a look at a make or break game for the SF Giants versus the Cincinnati Reds.



  1. That is very charming…

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