AJB’s Adventure #13 – Final thoughts

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Posted by Andy “Upright Position” Bell

Welcome Home

Having cheerfully made my way through six international airports over five weeks, this is the pretty hopeless sight which greet me at the end of around 50,000 km of travel around this crazy old world.

Tullamarine, Melbourne had more chaos than London, less order than Inverness and not nearly as attractive uniforms as worn in San Francisco.

Three, possibly four, customs officials coped with four or five planeloads.

In the end we were all waved through.

Feeling a little less secure ?

She’ll be right.

My favourite image

However, the last hour or so of travelling couldn’t possible undo the previous 800 or so.


So what, apart from a few more t-shirts, a passion for the San Francisco Giants and some 2nd hand Kenneth Cole shoes, has been gained from this project ?

Truth to tell, not that much that I didn’t really know before.

The loved ones I spent time with are still loved, while the places I returned to are just a bit clearer in my memory file.


Santa Cruz


As for the new places and people – they are hanging around between my ears as well.

Angel of the North

A palace of dreams and an angel – not a bad combo for this adventure.

My conclusions ?

Absence does make the heart grow fonder, travel very much broadens the mind and airline food is always not quite right.

These were “grandes vacances” in every way.


Big Pit, Blaenafon




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