Programming note – The Carousel Of Progress

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Posted by Andy Bell

The time has come to bid TFC listeners à bientôt, auf wiedersehen and 見てワイダー.

March 30th is a date for all Catastrophe-ettes’ diaries.

It is when The Full Catastrophe departs the Joy airwaves with the beautifully numbered program #252.

Five years is a long time and I feel the time is right to pull up stumps.

As you would all suspect, the decision was not an easy one – Hikaru & I have talked lengthily about the whys and wherefores.

That’s what comrades, co-presenters and, most importantly, friends do.

The decision has been taken and is 100% solid.

Rest assured, this will be a celebration all the way to the end AKA “The Long & Winding Goodbye”!

Part of that will be a new part of this blog – TTFN TFC

Another attraction on the way will be at least one on-air three-way …

Tim is all in favour of it and Hikaru is very intrigued !

It is going to be an “interesting” few months – please join us for the musical ride.

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