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Posted by Andy Bell – these are his personal views !

(Part of the TTFN TFC series.  The final Full Catastrophe will be broadcast on Saturday March 30th at 2100 on Joy 94.9)

An item on the consistently interesting radioinfo.com.au caught my eye and somewhat raised my ire.

It concerned a gathering of Southern Cross Austereo  producers from around the country.

During the discussions these good folk were apparently told “that radio should see their audience less as listeners and more as fans.” – my italics.
Sounds slick, clever, contemporary and all that jazz.
Perhaps the discussion had a heft and a thoughtfulness that is lacking from the listeners/fans statement.
I sincerely hope so, if not then it is yet another fine sounding declaration of principles built on foundations of marshmallow.
I have blogged before about the difference between listening & hearing
It is a crucial part of the radio equation.
Always has been.
How ever many platforms are on offer, TFC is first and foremost a radio program.
This blog, the podcasts, the Tweets and other digital diversions would never exist without the show.
TFC is the hearth of the whole endeavour and it depends on listening.
Listeners contribute, fans sit on the sidelines.
You dig ?!
Re-inventing the wheel is not always a bad thing  – TFC has re-invented itself several times during the last five years – however, it can end up being an operation that ends up in flim-flammery AKA fur coat and no knickers !
And, if you accept the fan argument, if people aren’t listening how the hell do they become fans ?
Some other bloke might have said about new broadcasting theories and their boosters:
“Consultants are walking shadows. 
Poor players that strut and fret their hour upon the stage
And then are heard no more: it is a tale
Oft told by idiots, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.”





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