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Posted by Andy Bell

This is Andy’s “editorial” from Saturday December 8th’s TFC.

It is his personal opinion and no one else’s.

It was written and read within 24 hours of the “2Day FM scandal” taking a tragic turn with the death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha and the subsequent knee jerk vilification of radio announcers Mel Greig and Michael Christian.

I need to say something.

The tragedy that has happened in London was sadly inevitable.

It could have happened last week, next month or in a year, but it would have happened and embroiled some announcers somewhere & some station somewhere.

I love radio.

It is thirty-five years since I first spoke into a microphone – and I actually got paid for it – and it is half a century since I first delved into what radio could offer as a listener.

It’s theatre of the mind at one moment, a comforter the next, a best pal soon after.

Yes, I love radio, but today my love has been sorely tested.

The medium is in disrepute, its corrupted sensibilities are starkly on show.

Too many within it are compromised by ambition, fear or both and unaware – wilfully or otherwise – of human decency and where to draw any line.

And far too many without it – that means listeners – have  either a don’t care attitude or simply enable that disrepute.

Being “deeply saddened” and offering “sympathies” in a pro-forma, superficial reaction kind of way, simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

Perhaps we should start considering the meaning of the word shame.

Words broadcast on 8/12/12

This is the response of Southern Cross Austereo’s to an official complaint from King Edward VII Hospital on 10/12/12.

  1. I think the actions of the DJ’s on 2DAYFM were reprehensible, even if that poor woman had not suicided. What were they thinking? Impersonating the Queen and Prince Charles to get access to Kate Middleton’s hospital room? Ms. Middleton is obviously ill and the last thing she needs is idiotic Australian DJ’s hassling her. I hate 2DAYFM. They love controversy, the nastier and lower the better. Their apologies are laughable. Suicide? Great! Higher ratings! Just the fact that Kyle Sandilands hasn’t been sacked shows the company’s lack of decency. The depressing thing is that they are so popular. Obviously most of their Australian listeners think it’s all so hilarious.

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