The Divided States of America Podcastrophes

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Posted by Hikaru “Soda forever” Freeman

There’s been a cold war in modern America for as long as many Americans can remember. It’s an ideological war that pits not just state against state but county against county. It will likely never be won, and in many ways, most Americans don’t want it ever resolved.

It’s the Pop vs. Soda vs. coke War, and it’s a bit of insight into how the United States is not quite as united as it might appear to outsiders.

In The Carbonated Podcastrophe, the first part of this two-part Podcastrophe, Hikaru introduces Andy to the debate and how deep it runs in regional identity, particularly in his hometown of Milwaukee.

In the second part, The American East-West Podcastrophe, Hikaru and World Wide Wave’ Tom, a fellow American (from California), illustrate just how strongly held regional views of the different parts of the US are., and how despite all this, there is a true binding of the nation that all the electoral maps don’t show.

If you thought you had a grip on American culture, prepare to have your tab opened!

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  2. […] The Divided States of America Podcastrophes (fullcatastrophe.wordpress.com) […]

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