The Full “Yo Ho Ho” Catastrophe – 22nd December 2012

In TFC on December 22, 2012 at 9:57 pm

Hosted & posted by Andy Bell & Hikaru Freeman

Deck the halls, hide the obligate hemi-parasitic plant AKA mistletoe and avoid the mince pies. 

This was TFC’s fifth and final Christmas show.


Christmas Is Coming – Vince Guaraldi

I Yost Go Nuts At Christmas – Yogi Yorgesson

Leaving – Captain Funk

Bir Zamanlar Deli Gönlüm – Sezen Aksu
Sexen Aksu is one of the most well-known artists in Turkey well known since at least 1976, this is the video for her 1995 hit Onu Alma Beni Al.
Christmas Waltz – The Carpenters

Mississippi – Pussycat

Sure Thing Baby – Peter Allen

Christmas Time – Nona Reeves

Were it not Holiday season, Hikaru would’ve introduced Nona Reeves with this song, LOVE TOGETHER, which became the opening to the Parappa the Rapper anime.

Hallelujah Christmas AKA “Who Cares If It’s Christmas, I Hate It”  – Crazy Ken Band

Lupita – Guillermo Gonzalalez Y Su Orchestra

Adrenaline – Full Tote Odds
Beedi – Sundhi Chauhan, Sukhvinder Singh & Nachiketa Chakra

#1 Crush – Paul Capsis

Drape Those Caring Arms Around Me – The Bon Scotts

Fim De Estacao – Bric-A-Brac

Com Uma Arma, Com Uma Flor  – Paulo de Carvalho

Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis – Tom Waits

Go Right Ahead – Sondre Lerche

Lots – Dan Deacon

This edition’s Must Watch Radio

About Festival da Canção 1975

Available Now : A handy-dandy ultra portable podcast version of this edition.

Don’t forget, you can spend your Christmas morning (0630 AEDT) or Christmas eve night (1930 GMT) or Christmas Eve afternoon (1330 CST) on JOY 94.9 with Andy, Hikaru, and Johno from Froth on JOY.

And on Boxing Day, Hikaru presents The Boxing Day Affair on JOY 94.9 from 0900 AEDST


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  2. […] The Full “Yo Ho Ho” Catastrophe – 22nd December 2012 (fullcatastrophe.wordpress.com) […]

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