The Full “Missed You” Catastrophe – 5th January 2012

In TFC on January 5, 2013 at 9:57 pm

Hosted & posted by Andy Bell & Hikaru Freeman

Is thirteen really unlucky ?

Hikaru & Andy had absolutely no truck with that particular question as they sallied forth into the 13th last TFC on Joy’s air.

They were far too busy dealing with Ludwig von Drake, amongst other things.

And from here to broadcasting eternity, TFC begins a series of vintage TV closedowns. Get ready for national anthems and strange imagery.


Following – Phenomenal Handclap Band

Bad & Beautiful – Neil Sedaka

Believe In The Starry Sky – Mami Ayukawa
With Love From The Star Of Water – Hiroko Moriguchi

Neil’s version was never released…and yet the license restriction stands, funny that — Hikaru.

Kids – Paul Lynde

Mr Lynde

Lynde was the campest of campy performers, but nobody questioned his role as a dad in “Bye Bye Birdie“.  Ah the 60s.

Everybody’s Doing It – Evamore

The Steam Train – Ty Taylor

EBS Jingle – Unknown

The Emergency Broadcasting System Tests: Traumatising generations of American children from 1963 to 1997.

While it is illegal to broadcast the test set to music, parodies are fortunately legal.

The Spectrum Song – Ludwig von Drake

From The Wonderful World of Colour from the Disney stable.

Miracles from Molecules – Unknown
Some highlights from the ride Adventure Thru Inner Space featuring the exuberantly performed narration by Paul Frees.
After Your Gone – Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang Orchestra

The guys

A standard from 1918 composed by Turner Layton, with lyrics written by Henry Creamer.  Onya Henry !
Beyond The Sea – Bobby Darin
Darin AKA Walden Robert Cassotto was a true superstar of song who died far too young.  Kevin Spacey portrayed him in the better than it appeared movie “Beyond The Sea
Compare & contrast.
Seddi Gwag – Huw M
The title means empty seats.  When TFC went to air on January 5th we could play this disc but the wrold’s only Welsh language radio station couldn’t because of a bitter dispute between songwriters & the BBC.  Yet again, TFC is a trailblazer !
Energy (You Make The World Go ‘Round) – Unknown
In My House (Denby Experimental Mix) – Mary Jane Girls
Sing My Heart – Ella Fitzgerald
Yes It’s You – Sweet Charles
Klaxon Love ~Oniisan Motto Gambatte – Fumido
Funky Flushin  – Tatsuro Yamashita
Mayu Nakazawa remade this classic by Tatsuro Yamashita sometime ago.
Waiting For Something To Happen – The Solomons


This week’s Must Watch Radio:

About Neil Sedaka & The Successful Slump

About The Emergency Broadcast System Test

About Adventure Thru Inner Space

About The Universe of Energy

Now available : A handy-dandy ultra-portable podcast version of this edition.



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