Getting real

In Uncategorized on January 12, 2013 at 1:02 pm

Posted by Andy Bell

The departure – not demise or ending – of the Full Catastrophe gets ever closer.

The metaphorical packing cases and bubble wrap have been acquired, but I did forget to get the extra wide sellotape.

The process of change is a tricky one, but TFC’s view is that there should be no sorrow.

Nothing is forever, but we are now in the territory of “this is the last time TFC will play such and such.”

(NB Ronald Zuchenzuss was a popular cabaret singer in pre-war Liechtenstein appearing in such movies as “Zither und rosenkohl” and “Der Schirm Not”.)

How to do it without funereal overtones ?

Easy – don’t directly draw attention to it !!

Except in this blogpost.

There have been favourite & favoured artistes over the five years.

These have been men & women who are now obscure, but who were once big names.

They have also been examples of pop culture from all over the place.

And then there’s just the plain odd. There’s been plenty of that.

But there has been a cunning plan from – apologies to language purists – the get-go.

Very, very gently TFC has rocked the musical boat.

And that is what the program was always meant to do.

Despite our ability to sample performances from a century and more of recorded sound we all too frequently seek sanctuary in the latest shiny object of song & dance or in the crushingly comfortable familiar.

Well, a bit of radio elbow grease can get forgotten or little-known gems to come up a treat.

That elbow grease is context or anecdote or simply telling an interesting tale.

So along the way to the Ultimate Full Catastrophe at the end of March, there will be plenty of selections of beloved or revered singers and bands.

No need to spot them.

Just enjoy.


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