The Full “Declaration of Only Ten More Shows Left” Catastrophe – 19th January 2013

In TFC on January 19, 2013 at 9:53 pm
Hosted & posted by Andy Bell & Hikaru Freeman
Midsumma is here, change is looming large and then there’s the on-going tension between the dudes about John Cameron Swayze‘s fashion style.
Lordy, the folks at TFC are well and truly up and at it.
Tonight’s projectile musicality was brought to you by “Myra Grandthorpe’s Bananatorium” in North Geelong.
And now this week’s closedown:
Eleven TFC’s to go peeps.
The Declaration – The 5th Dimension
Hocus Pocus – The ReChords
I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight -Robert Palmer & UB 40
On Our Own – Bobby Brown
Just One Of Those Things – Bryan Ferry
Mr Ferry shows his considerable chops vis-avis the standards on the album “As Time Goes By“.
I Don’t Want To Be A Hero – Johnny Hates Jazz
Hot Voodoo – Marlene Dietrich
A vamp to end all vamps.  Marlene can not be summed up in a few words, so start finding out for yourself!
King Of The Road – Roger Miller
Launch The Trap Of Love (Live) – Funk The Peanuts
Drifts Zundoko Bushi – The Drifters
Kiyoshi’s Zundokobushi – Kiyoshi Hikawa
Venus – Frankie Avalon
Ghosts – The Presets
Those Were The Good Old Day – Victor Garber
Played in celebration of Victor’s coming out this week.
You Could Be Mine – Guns ‘n’ Roses
And The Rain Keeps Falling Down – Brian D’Arcy James
Summertime in the Void – I Mother Earth
Somerlag (Die Coca Cola Song) – Adam

Now available: This edition of The Full Catastrophe in a handy-dandy podcast format.

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