The Full “True Blue” Catastrophe – 26th January 2013

In TFC on January 26, 2013 at 10:06 pm
Hosted & posted Andy Bell & Hikaru Freeman
On Australia’s national day, did Hikaru eat a meat pie ? Did Andy perform an Esperanto version of C.J. Dennis’ “The Sentimental Bloke” ?
No such number, no such zone.
It was all being kept back for the right on the wrong day “The Australia Day Affair” with Hikaru on Joy on Monday January 28th between nine & noon.
Tonight’s TV closedown extra is from the ABC’s Channel 11, King Island.  It’s well worth a look as that night there had been much disruption across Bass Strait.
Rebel, Rebel – David Bowie
The Rent Is Too Damn High Song – Jimmy McMillian & Songify The News
Green Up Time – Greta Keller
Paradiso Beach – Alan Sorrenti & Jenny B
This particular video is not the official one, but we think all you Catastrophettes would love it.

My Banjo & I – Hanggai
Ti A Dy Ddoniau – Ryan a Ronnie

Ryan Davis a Ronnie Williams

Let’s Go – David Campbell
Venus – Yoko Nagayama
Jonkara Onna Bushi – Yoko Nagayama

Ms. Nagayama is in the second phase of her career, having given up singing covers in favour of the Shamisen

What’s Buzzin’ Cousin – Cab Calloway
Mr C has been in these part, that is TFC, from day one.  He is one of the performers that simply must be considered an original.
Back On Base – Suzi Pattinson
Le Nougat – Brigitte Fontaine
Copernicus – Basia
Sort Of Dance – Ian Pearce Sextet
Autumn 1944 – David Huang
I Want To Be Single Again – Brenda [Fassie] & The Big Dudes
Sail Away – Mabel Mercer
Coming soon:
  • A handy-dandy podcast edition of this edition of The Full Catastrophe (NOW AVAILABLE)
  • The Australia Day Affair with Hikaru on JOY from 9-12 Noon AEDT
  • The final Full Hi-Katastrophe 
  • The return of Tim!
  • The return of Must Watch Radio.
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