Blind date

In Uncategorized on January 27, 2013 at 12:22 pm

Posted by Andy Bell

The unknown is a tricky beast.

Obviously, it can frighten the bejabbers out of you, but it can also offer the chance of something rather special.

And “special” covers a multitude of outcomes !

On Saturday February 9th the three men who have graced TFC’s airwaves will, for one night only, come together.

Tim Harrison, Hikaru Freeman and yours truly will share a studio as part of the show’s farewell tour.

Now Hikaru and Tim have never met, so expect the unexpected.

My money is on there being at least one falling off the chair moment … as both these chaps have made me fall off chairs through their wit & wisdom.

Neither has ever thrown a chair at me.

It’s all good.

Whatever comes to pass, we all know that we have one crack at it and that will concentrate minds.

It helps that the other two are good men – they wouldn’t have been allowed within a bull’s roar of TFC if they were not.

So, something very different is in the works as the Saturday night familiar gets closer to disappearing.

You see, despite my penchant for sentimentality I reckon that a show that has always stood on the side of the different should keep on doing that.

So, February 9th at 2100 AEDST … it will be a “happening” !


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