The Full “Fewer Than You Think To Go” Catastrophe – 16th February 2013

In TFC on February 16, 2013 at 9:54 pm
Hosted & posted by Andy Bell & Hikaru Freeman
This was the sixth last TFC.  That means we are getting into a twilight zone of reflection, fave tunes, old stories and a bit of blubbing.
To avoid too much of that kind of nonsense, it was decided that we mark the 42nd anniversary of an very strange event – Fuddle Duddle..
And for those clicking on the podcast link at the foot of the post, get ready for more F-Ding !
It’s not all Canadian stuff either as TFC heads towards radio oblivion.
There are still things to do and a big milestone to be reached.
On Saturday March 9th TFC will broadcast its 250th program AKA the Full Sestercentennial Catastastrophe !!!
The show might be winding down, but we are fully upright and engaged.
Now, this week’s end of transmission comes from Canada … well who knew ??
Lord’s Prayer – Sarafina Cast
The Capitals Song – Stompin’ Tom Connors
Jacuzzi – Radio Radio
Britain Is A Car Park – Eliza Carthy
Spendid music & amazing idea for a song. NCP = National Car Parks
Ocean Today – Tom Dickins
A new single from one of the artists featured on ABC 7.30 Victoria‘s coverage of the Butterfly Club’s move from South Melbourne to the CBD. The reporter sounded a bit dicky to us. 
Theme from Big Wave – Tatsuro Yamashita
’88 – The Midway State
Tell All Your Friends – Projet Orange
Autumn Leaves – Cold Cut
They Call Me Naughty Lola – Ute Lemper
Walking Back To Happiness – Helen Shapiro
Lay Me Down – Ashley MacIsaac
Ordinary Day – Great Big Sea
Friends of Mine – Hugh Dillon
Wanna Be With You – Jinny
Long Goodbye – Sandra Lawrence
Sandra’s album of film noir classics is one of Andy’s faves & an instrumental version of this song will pop up before the show pulls stumps.
“There’s a long goodbye and it happens everyday, when some passerby invites your eye … when a missed hello becomes the long goodbye.”
Illegal – Corbeau
Summerfling – kd lang
Words Of Love – Mamas & Papas

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