Three Just Men

In Uncategorized on February 16, 2013 at 2:21 pm

Posted by Andy Bell

In a busy week I needed to find a little time to pause and post about last Saturday’s TFC where I was joined by the two other voices which have graced its airwaves over the years.

I have finally found it.

The intention of the Full Catastrophe’s farewell has always been to do it in style, so the triumph of the TFC trifecta was very gratifying.

None of us really knew what to expect, but with Tim Harrison & Hikaru Freeman celebrating birthdays in the preceding week and on successive days the omens were promising.

And so it was.

On air was the spirit of TFC to the max and when the discs were playing the banter in the studio was in good heart.

It really does help when you share time with people you like and no one is trying to score a knock-out blow.

It is up to any others to ponder whether this might be an effective strategy.


Thanks to Tim for travelling and for bringing a quick wit and fresh outlook.

As for Hikaru, he’s just peachy keen &  swell.

*The Three  Just Men (featured above) was a 1924 thriller written by Edgar Wallace featuring a trio of “wealthy, cosmopolitan vigilantes, skilled in the ways of crime”. 

This online source goes on to say: “they are running a detective agency in Curzon Street. At least, Manfred is;
Gonsalez is playing the part of his chauffeur and Poiccart that of his butler, though the reasons for this are never explained.”

Careful for what you wish for.


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