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Posted by Andy Bell

No, this is not about a radio divertissement that’s shortly to end, but rather its concerns embracing a basic fact of life which only cuts you to the quick when there is no avoiding it.

If I offend by using the words “died” and “death”, I don’t so much apologise as wonder why such words can get people queasy when they are fundamentals of our vocabulary.

They demand attention in ways euphemism just isn’t up to.

A fine friend died this week and I travelled to Sydney to attend a celebration of his life.

Paul’s death was no surprise, but that doesn’t ease the swirling numbness.

That is no bad thing in my view.

Grief is part of an emotional equation that also includes joy & loyalty & steadfastness.

Tears are the manifestation that something has been truly felt, and that they overwhelm highlights their simple purity.

Sorrow is felt as the realisation dawns that advice, laughter and support of a particular kind have been taken away from your life.

And no, Paul hasn’t “passed”, he remains here.

In “my here” anyway.

As ever, I seek the solace of the lexicon to explain.

The ultimate test of your true feelings for those who are integral in your life is pretty simple.

They never move entirely into the past tense.






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