Andy’s Declaration

In Uncategorized on March 19, 2013 at 7:02 pm

Posted by Andy Bell

Radio does things, special things.

It invented interaction – because without the listener you are lost, you are doomed…you are talking to yourself.

The bond between microphone and ear buzzes with possibilities and more.

You see … actually you hear … it’s about a coupling of minds that are far apart geographically but united by word or music or both …or, heavens above, silence.

The listener expands a thought, completes an idea or offers a correction or anecdote to the announcer’s efforts.

Without initiation or cajoling these moments bring you closer than the snuggliest cuddle.

A thought through response is pay dirt in a landscape littered with faux-connection.

No manner of breathless promotions, frantic demands for reaction to anything at all or formulaic statements can sustain this medium.

They diminish it.

They bleed it dry of the ability to surprise, comfort or  entertain.

It’s not rocket surgery as my friend Bernie used to say.

This and other programs don’t aim to change the world they simply want to make it a kinder, cleverer and sillier place.

In the end you should know a little more, feel a little better or, on occasion, be inspired.

If TFC has done a little to achieve this over five years of Saturday night then it has done what it meant to do from the get-go.

May the spirit of talking with … not at  … the audience stay aflame here on Joy and elsewhere.

We’re not quite done yet … but if you have listened, thank you.

As broadcast on Saturday 16th March.


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